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Have you ever wondered that everyone else is miles ahead of you when it comes to style? You shop and invest time even more than they do; but your look is way behind than theirs! It is all about paying attention to the detailing of your attire; it is not just the outfit that matters but also more importantly the added accessories to compliment your outfit.

We introduce you Michael Kors one of New York City’s most popular designer who is on a mission to revolutionize menswear. “Men’s lives have changed but their style hasn’t” says the 33-year-old Designer. In Chicago, he launched his first menswear collection Fall’14 after years of designing women’s wear. He has featured distinctive designs, materials and craftsmanship with a jet-set aesthetic that combines stylish elegance and a sporty attitude. He started his journey by first establishing himself in ready-to-wear and waited for the appropriate time to launch each subsequent category.

Michael Kors in his fall 2015 collection introduced some basic Men’s accessories in the most stylish way- Men’s Handbags, Watches and Sunglasses.

Men’s Handbags add a lot of style to one’s wardrobe. Why should one care how their gym bag looks like? Perhaps it tells a lot about one’s choice so when purchasing, keep your personal style and usual color palette in mind. It is important to opt for something in a hue that can be easily integrated with your existing wardrobe whether it’s mostly long line white T-shirts and black nylon bombers or sharp pastel tailoring. So try some cross body that one could even state as “Reporters bags” are indeed to keep an eye out for, if one is opting for a casual style. Totes are also a good way to carry everything one needs such as their cellphone, keys, a couple of notebooks or a laptop, it is a stylish alternative to a briefcase and of course for more options a duffle bag or holdall will fit all of one’s essentials while keeping them looking stylish.

Due to the move from a necessity to an accessory, a watch can become an extremely versatile addition to any outfit you’ve got on. Just like the tie, it is one of the signature accessories that a man has. The Michael Kors Jet master Watch; the name says it all for men, is made to provide one with the royal style. There is a whole world of options out there available to choose from; for the men, who aren’t afraid to confidently adorn their wrists.

All the accessories by Michael Kors- be it their classic tote bag or aviator sunglasses or their leather belts, watches- they are all meant to make you feel like a fabulously wealthy executive ducking into their private plane for a lavish vacation. So be that kind of guy who knows his entire style rule; but still does it in a 2015 kind of way.

Anahita Kochhar is a fashion blogger usually writes for luxury life style brands.


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