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In Michael Kors world, tough times like these call for equally tough fashions. As a result, his mens line was appropriately harsh for fall with a neutral (almost somber) color palette and tailored pieces sharp enough to cut a couple of fingers. Even when a couple of pieces diverged from the rest, it was in an equally hard neon orange or camo green.

The Look
Classic mens pieces like white shirts and three-button blazers seem to be at the heart of the collection, but the devil and Kors sentiments for the season is in the details. Loose coats topping off fitted Thom Brown-esque trousers and razor-thin neckties get the collection a very modern urban feel. At the same time, thick-soled walking shoes suggest a wearable and street-ready style.

A combination of neutral colors, fitted tailoring and smooth-textured fabrics came together and created a look that is rather staid and imposing. Some of the outfits would have looked exactly the same had Kors made it out of molded plastic and not cloth. But far from being blah, the collection had a few bright spots to liven the day up.

Neon greens, Post-It yellows and violent oranges made appearances that, while brief, were most definitely memorable. And because the palette was so dominantly neutral, the little peeks of color were even more dramatic than usual. By maintaining the same texture he used on other pieces, Kors kept his bright turtlenecks and neon neckties to his uncompromisingly harsh visual theme.

How to Get the Look
In order to recreate the Michael Kors look for fall, you will need a complete set of the mens fashion classics. That is, white shirts, black blazers and gray slacks should already be part of your arsenal before you even make the attempt. Unlike the modern slim fits of late, though, you will do well to get tops with more generous midsection cuts. Pants, though, should keep the current leg-hugging style.

Keep in mind that texture is equally important as the color scheme. The harsh, hard aesthetic requires a smooth, impassive surface that borders on the brusque. Most brand new off-the-rack suits have this kind of texture, and a new suit would be very helpful in copying the runway look.

For wilder and bolder days, find yourself a bar necktie in neon green or a bright orange scarf. Wear your outfit the usual way and then throw the brightly colored accessory into the mix. Its a quick way to breathe new life into an old look, even the one you just used yesterday. If such eye-catching accessories are hard to find, even a tee in bright yellow or orange under a blazer should have roughly the same effect.

Cap off the look with lace-up wingtips or pointy-toe leather office shoes in the semi-shiny formal black. A little bit of city attitude will be all you would need then to look like you came straight from the Kors runway at Fashion Week.

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